Abstraction420305 36" X 30"
Riverin Arbre en fleurs 42" X 50"
Jaugey 20F Foret en Corse
Jaugey 50P Troupeau sous le village
Jaugey 2F Le Marche
Femmes au jardin 48" X 36"

Welcome to our site.

La Belle Image  is located in Shelter Cove Harbour, Hilton Head  Island, SC.
9 Harbourside Lane Suite E

Richard Riverin and Daniel Jaugey are the main artists.

Richard Riverin has developed a very personal and unique style, mixing the abstract with
impressionistic elements, producing paintings rich in both colors and texture. His work is
prolific and versatile.

Daniel Jaugey is one of the best classical impressionists on the market today. His works
are subdued in palette with Mediterranean landscapes and serene characters. His works
are full of beauty, peace, and gentleness.

To view our entire collection, please click on the gray bars (links) below. Also, 3 videos underneath, an interview at Riverin last
show in Toronto and a Riverin story in two parts "Meeting with God".

1-843-785-3112 - richardriverin5@gmail.com

La Belle Image
Riverin Autumn 36" X 36"
Jaugey Calcatoggio Corse 15F
Riverin Beach at sunrise 20" X 24"
Riverin Maisons 36" X 36"
I hope you found these short fiction(?) stories  interesting. As I get deeper in the autumn of my life,
here, I don't know if I will have time to write some more. But for those that liked them, there is also
that trilogy "Ghama-2, An Afterlife story" I wrote a few years ago that is available as e-books or in
book stores. Richard Riverin
Riverin Cascade of leaves 24" X 30"
Riverin Late blossom 24" X 30""
Riverin Yellow bouquet 36" X 36"
Daniel Jaugey 2013
Richard Riverin
Les patineurs 4F
La lande 20F
calcatoggio corse15F
Bouquet d'ete 8P